Lase Station

Quanta Chrome

The ultimate lase-station based on a powerful Q-Switched 1064/532 nm Nd:YAG laser with the plus of Hi-tech optional modules.

More than 50 indications and dedicated Quanta Skin Apps® all in your hands to expand your practice. Chrome offers a unique solution merging treatment versatility with system reliability.


Drive your Change

Combining strong innovation with maximum flexibility increases patients’ involvement in treatment selection.

More customer satisfaction and retention.

Expand Your Possibilities

Chrome Lase-Station® empowers you to perform more than 50 kinds of treatments thanks to additional modules, 100% Italian design with 35 years of heritage in the development of lasers for people care.

Increase Your Business

The lase station that grows together with your business.

Upgrade anytime with the option/module you need to enhance your practice.

Increase your profitability and efficiency

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