Sheet Fed Laser Cutter

This fully automated, computer driven sheet fed laser die-cutting and engraving machine is for very intricate work on substrates ranging from paper and plastic to metal and wood. Specifically created for commercial printers who want to save time and money while improving cutting precision versus traditional mechanical die cutting.  This sheet fed laser cutters automates the die cutting process and is ideal for custom-shaped cards, prototypes, packaging and other projects that normally require more expensive mechanical dies, multi shaped digital labels.

The Optical Laser Tracking Systems ensures precise positioning. Users can also adjust the power and cutting speeds for different projects and materials, including special media. This model can also laser engrave quickly and accurately on wide variety of traditional and difficult substrates with ease- opening up exciting new product and revenue opportunities for commercial printers.


  • Digital printing, proofing and packaging products
  • The machines' lasers can be used on a range of printing papers, self-adhesive paper, card, plastics, aluminum and copper foils, leather and wood.
  • The machines can kiss-cut, cut, crease, perf and etch at high speeds, from single designs to many multiples per sheet, and from a single sheet to 2,500sph, or on roll-fed at 1-60m per minute
  • The digitized die-cutting removes many of the limitations of traditional die-cutting, while the technology saves time and money.
  • Eliminates the need for costly cutting dies
  • Set-up time is measured in minutes
  • Cost-effective one-offs can easily be produced
  • Intricate designs – way too fine for a die – are possible
  • Spectacular and intricate designs are easy to set up and achieve in minutes.
  • Cutting is amazingly quick and accurate, with built-in automated optical tracking system for reliable precision.
  • Well suited to produce short run work both quickly and economically
  • High precision automatic laser cutting and engraving guarantees zero substrate deformation commonly seen in the mechanical due cutting process
  • Opens up a world of possibilities for commercial printers
  • Camera video tracking system ensures tight registration for cutting precision
  • Operator can adjust laser power and cutting speed for different projects and stock including special media
  • Highly efficient job changeover; only need to load new stock into feeder, import file and run a test sheet
  • Security printing- variable date cutting equipped as standard (number, barcode, literature etc)
  • Application: Custom-shaped cards, stickers, boxes and tags
  • Application: Engraving of artwork onto paper, wood, leather, etc.

"We're a commercial printer who does a lot of die cutting and finishing, as well as label printers. Having this Laser device from ESF has saved our business time and money while improving cutting precision. The device automates the die cutting process and has enabled us to offer our clients faster, cheaper and more precise products."

Matt Dusek
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